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Dozens arrested in Roswell drug investigation  | News

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Dozens arrested in Roswell drug investigation 

Roswell police sent a powerful message to drug traffickers operating in the area after a major drug bust on Friday. 

”I would advise drug dealers and anybody involved in illegal activity you better get out of town or quite what you're doing because we're coming after you," Roswell Police represtentative Al Solis said.

Federal drug agents – along with state and local authorities – hit Roswell with its largest drug trafficking raid ever.

66 out of 84 suspects were arrested.

Police have released the mug shots of those who got away. (See below)

“Roswell isn't immune to the blight of illegal drug trafficking and all the baggage that comes along with it,” Steve Yarbrough said.

Authorities started kicking in the doors of suspected drug dealers around 4:30 a.m.

"These arrests should send a strong message and a unified message that this type of activity is not going to be tolerated in this community,” Joseph Arabit said.

Officers seized kilos of methamphetamine and cocaine.

Heroin, marijuana and prescription drugs were also seized.

Many of the people arrested are career criminals with lengthy criminal histories.

"We had identified four drug trafficking organizations, we identified the heads of those organizations and folks who were distributing their drugs on the streets of Roswell in Chaves County and many of those individuals were arrested,” Arabit said.

An increase in violent crimes, robberies and burglaries can be linked back to the drug arrests, officials said.

Officials said more arrest will come.

"Beware, cause were still coming after you, this will be one of many operations of things we got planned in the future,” Solis said.

List of 84 defendents charged with drug trafficking offenses by DOJ


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